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Beauty, Brains & Business is a podcast that focuses on professional women who are blazing the trail in their industries while looking fabulous.

Hosted by entrepreneur and supermom, Dr. Carey Yazeed.

Dec 6, 2017

Dr. Dana Nettles is the CEO of Dr. Nettles Natural
Beauty, which was started in 1933 as a way to care for the medical
needs of the Nettles family and it eventually extended out to the
Southern Alabama community.  A business owned by a family of
African-American doctors, Dr. Nettles Natural Beauty specializes in
producing organic teas made from materials that are grown on the
Nettles family farms on the Gulf of Mexico.  On today's episode, Dr.
Nettles shares how technology and research has taken this Gulf Shores of Alabama business and turned it into an international business. 

To learn more about Dr. Nettles Natural Beauty visit