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Baldwin Was Right is a weekly podcast that focuses on everything from pop culture to current events that impacts Blacks folk.  

Hosted by bestselling author, Dr. Carey Yazeed

Dec 20, 2019

Today on Focus Friday, Dr. Carey Yazeed is tackling the subject of attracting broke clients and what you can do to start attracting paying clients.  

The Beauty, Brains & Business Spotlight for this week is on Therapy Topia, an online system where you can book your next mental health therapy session.  To learn more...

Dec 18, 2019

Most non-retail businesses are slow during the holiday season, which becomes a great time to do some analyzing, housekeeping and planning for the upcoming new year.  This week on Beauty, Brains & Business, Dr. Carey Yazeed is sharing a few things entrepreneurs can do now to prepare for 2020, in addition to the one thing...

Dec 12, 2019

If you're in business there is a good chance you've experienced a business failure.  On this episode of Beauty, Brains and Business, Dr. Carey Yazeed shares a few tips that entrepreneurs can use when trying to bounce back after a business failure.

Today's business spotlight is on Velicia Lowe of The Executive Director....

Dec 6, 2019

On today's Focus Friday, Dr. Carey Yazeed is discussing how we give people permission to treat us good or bad, in addition to sharing a few tips we all can use when it comes us teaching others how to treat us.

Today's show is sponsored by Aimee French Waxing.  Ready to be the expert waxer in your city?  Check out...

Dec 4, 2019

This week on Beauty, Brains and Business I'm discussing my recent session with a business coach.  Yes, the business coach, saw a business coach.  I'm sharing what I learned and where I think the other coach sold herself short and left a lot of money on the table.  

This week I am shining the spotlight on Health and...